Poo Gets Pounded

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What a young piece of hot Thai ass! Hairless pussy, cute little bubble butt and loves to get fucked. This is a girl that love to be penetrated and filled with sperm. I hold her down and inject her hairless pussy with a gallon of goo. This girl is as sweet as they cum.


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Sow My Oats

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Thai girls in general have a nice olive skin tone which they attentively try to keep as white looking as possible. However, on occasion you will stumble across a dark skinned beauty like this week’s cum dumpster. Sow is a 20 year old slut with a round and brown booty that just says BAM, fuck me! So I did, and did some more until I finally filled the inside of her pussy with a hot load of cum. It doesn’t matter what color a girl is because it’s all pink on the inside.


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Nat Gets Nailed

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Hey all you Creampie freaks! Do you know what an Asian S-P-I-N-N-E-R is? Well look below at the 85lb. piece of Asian ass I discovered this week. We normally define a spinner as a fuck toy that is less than 100lbs and you can basically just sit her on your cock and spin her round n round n round. Let’s face it, the fantasy concept of having a HOT rotating pussy just going up n down on your pole til you blast your load deep inside her fuck tunnel is like umm WOW! Well, Nat is definitely a spinner and I was lucky enough to fuck her tiny pussy and fill it with my large load.

Creampie Thais

Som is Sexy

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This beautiful asian bombshell is one sexy broad. Her ass curves are thre greatest and her pussy is so tight. Check her out at http://www.creampiethais.com.


Poon does Porn

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This tiny thai is one hell of a lay. With her round ass and slender midsection it was a great fuck. Filling this one up was no problem. Check her out at http://www.creampiethais.com


Ayu sucks great but I want that pussy!

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This girl has a glass face, Y’know the kind you see on most China Dolls! I met Ayu in a local beer bar and while she isnt the youngest whore ive met, she definitely is one of the horniest. A few beers and I was ready to tap it. So off to the short time room we went where Ayu got on her knees and serviced my cock. The cock sucking ability is strong in this one! What I really wanted to do was blast her face with my milky cream, but in the end I just couldn’t help but blow my wad into her warm pussy.

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Sexy Sitlanee

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You know the feeling. You’re walking down the street, trying to avoid the food carts and flower vendors when suddenly you stop in your tracks as your see a half naked teen body poking herself out of a GoGo bar. The doormen immediately see the drool dangling from your open mouth and swarm around you hoping to lure you in the bar so they can receive their 20 baht commission. As the Thai guys pushed me to the entrance, my eyes were locked on 19 year old Sitlanee, the GoGo’s newest teen showgirl. She smiled at me, took my hand, and led me to the darkest corner of the bar. The Mama-San handed me a card that said “Bar Fine 600bt – Boom Boom 1500bt”. I immediately handed over my money and within a few minutes we were out the door. Sitlanee was super cute and when she finally got undressed in the room, I knew I hit the jackpot. White skin, big tits, and a pussy so precious that I actually ate it. Yup, first time on Creampie Thais I dive into some pussy and licked it clean. I then sank my cock into her dripping snatch and fucked her in several positions before finally shooting my wad deep into her cunt doggie style.

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Kamala sexy mid twenties Thai hottie

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This week we venture to the infamous ‘Dark Side’, which was named by the expats who reside on the Eastern side of Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. There you will find tons of small beer bars that cater to the retired guys who live on the outskirts.  Just like any joint, the mama sans recruit young girls down from Issarn to service the ‘sexpat’ customers who are looking for action. The prices for liquor and women are generally far less than the main spots in downtown Pattaya. Some of the venues are dumps, while others can provide a wonderful evening of entertainment, and lots of undiscovered fresh pussy! Kamala is 26 years old, and just started working a month ago. Although she has been with a few customers, she is still quite new to the scene. She has a gorgeous face, magnificent eyes, pearly white teeth, and a smile that makes me want to buy a farm in Issarn. I loaded Kamala up with cheap lady drinks and bar fined her to the up stairs short time room. An hour and two creampie fucks later, I returned to the bar with a shit eat’n grin on my face. I managed to get my pony’s number and like clock work, Kamala showed up at my doorstep the next day for some video boom boom. After our brief intro, Kamala dropped to her knees and flooded her mouth with my hard cock. Her warm lips and wet tongue slurped and sucked my rod while her pussy began to moisten. I managed to hold off from cumming for a nice cowgirl ride before finally fucking Kamala in missionary and dropping my third and biggest nut deep inside her unprotected womb. The FORCE is strong in this one!

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Chailai little Thai spinner creampie

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Desperate for an afternoon nut, I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected, the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on, you don’t have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a gorgeous girl. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough a girl named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a nice thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to oblige in her request to sit down for ‘one drink’. After a few minutes of the standard chit chat and bar girl questions, I asked if she wanted to make a sex video at my place for a few extra baht. It was bold, but she was beautiful and to my surprise, she agreed. Baan Creampie is my humble abode, and once inside, I asked Chailai to remove her sexy shorts, top, and panties. I then had her walk back and forth so I could ogle at just how skinny she was. As many of you know, I love fucking slim girls. Inside the members, you’ll view screen caps 45, 52, and 59, where I fucked her scrawny frame in my favorite positions. You can’t do that with every girl, but Chailai took my cock pounding like a champ. When I was ready to blow, I took Chailai to the bedroom and dumped my gooey gunk directly inside her little Asian cunt.

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Thai Candy pussy

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What do you think of 19 year old Candy? Yea…well, she was recently dumped by her Farang boyfriend. It’s amazing that he would pass on such a fine piece of ass. No matter, another man’s trash is this man’s treasure. Hey Candy, how about we film a little boom boom action and broadcast it via Internet, Facebook, YouTube and hopefully you’re ex-boyfriend will see it. You can put on the performance of a lifetime and show off those amazing skills he taught you. For instance, take my hard white cock in your mouth and suck it nice and slow. As you pump your hand up and down my shaft, look right into the camera as if you’re looking directly into his eyes. Goddamn you’re amazing. What a lucky bastard to have this everyday and how ignorant to let it go. Now lie on your back and let me look at that gorgeous Thai cunt. I’ll get up real close so he can remember it’s perfection. Tilac, I’m going to dart my tongue deep inside of it to taste your ‘Candy’ sweetness. You taste delicious. Now turn around doggie style and stick that perky little ass way up in the air. I’m going to mount your little buns and thrust my cock right into your pussy without a condom. Your pussy is so tight I don’t think I’m going to last very long. Is it okay to finish off inside you? Hmmmmm, Errrr, Ahhhhhhh! I thought so.


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